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Stille Vermarktung

Silence marketing

A silent market your property, also called secret sale, handles the sale absolute discretion and without the usual broad media presence from.

There are several reasons to opt for this type of sale. In an age of increasing digitization in all areas of life at first, it seems logical that as many details will be posted online by an object offered by photos or videos to obtain a quick transfer. However, the downside seems that the inhabitants of a property are thus forced to give some insight into their privacy. The own price expectations are visible to the entire surrounding environment, which is not desirable under certain circumstances.

If a house is to be sold as a result of divorce, also the secret sale offers. Particularly in this difficult situation, it is often desirable to make the sale as discreetly as possible across the stage without the entire neighborhood it takes part. (Read also under divorce property).

Or if, for example, an apartment building is to be sold, making a silent marketing sense to prevent unrest among the tenants.

Whatever your reason: if you entrust us with the silent sale of your property, you can rest assured that we will treat the entire process with the utmost discretion. To satisfy your desire for anonymity and still quickly find the one suitable buyer, we have developed a specially tailored to your needs service.

We feel it is particularly important that you have the opportunity to inform themselves in advance about our services, to find out if they come at all for you in question. Only when you are confident that our offer will meet your needs, please contact us and we are going to get you to work. So how do we manage to you to ensure the anonymity that you want and at the same time to find a buyer quickly and easily? The answer is surprisingly simple: the buyer is already waiting for you.

Every day, prospective buyers contact us who are entered in our customer file. Since we know the needs of our customers exactly do we know whether match search profile and offer. If we have filtered out serious prospects, but that still does not mean that you must give up your privacy. On the basis of high-quality floor plans and – of course only if you agree – 360 ° virtual -Begehungen, the interested can visit the apartment without being there. Forgoing the exact address and an external view.

If the customer is satisfied, we check whether the financing is secured. Only then will we give the personal contact with you. Of course, we make sure that an actual appointment expires discreet, if you want your environment nothing of experiences. Since the customer already knows the object at this time, this appointment of high quality.

Insert the sale of your property with confidence in our hands, with competence and empathy we will find you quickly and discreetly to the right customer.

Please call us to, or use our contact form if you want a call back.