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Our team

The team of estate agent Munster consists of experienced staff, each of whom is an expert in his field. We support each other and can rely on each other. The friendly and familiar atmosphere in our office reflects our reputation as a real estate agency contradict with heart.

Get to know our team here, which is updated regularly by competent apprentices and trainees. So you know in advance who you’re dealing with.

Mrs. Margherita MagriImmobilienkauffrauBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

I am a real estate agent with a passion. Synonyms for “passion” are: enthusiasm. Interest. Enthusiasm. Idealism. All this applies to the way I do my job, too. With a high sense of responsibility, I am working in my business, seriousness and discretion are of course for me. The important thing, however: I enjoy my work and through collaboration with competent and reliable partners I always find a solution – no matter what problem! I care!

+49 (251) 14981680
Margherita Magri
Beate KuhnReal estate agentReal Estate Evaluator

Whether sellers, buyers, landlords or tenants. Since 1997, your wishes are the strength of my success! With continuity, humanity and great experience, I recognize the uniqueness and the potential of your property! I am in Munster at home, know the conditions of the region and find this valuable expertise the optimal solution for your property. I care!

Qualifications +49 (251) 14981681
Beate Kuhn
Mr. Dominik HeinrichJur. / Immobilienbewerter Dipl.

Whether castles, town house, cottage or villa skyscrapers, real estate is my passion! Ever since childhood I was fascinated, may be living and housing concepts like different. Individuality is reflected precisely especially in their own homes again. I will help you to fulfill your dream of matching property. Equipped with a special preference for property valuations, I support you in exploiting the full potential of your property. I care!

Qualifications +49 (251) 14981682
Dominik Heinrich
Mr. Marcus KnoppImmobilienkaufmann

My enthusiasm for real estate I have with my family (architects) to know and love. Architecture and real estate have always been a fascination for me, so I make my passion to vocation. My future focus on broker Munster marketing your commercial real estate will be first. I offer you my full commitment to find so the graduates and matching buyers for your property. I care!

Qualifications +49 (251) 14981686
Sandra Wortmann
Martina BornProperty consultantDistrict Warendorf

Whether families, couples, singles or investors … I seek and find for you the right property in which you not only have a roof over their heads, but find a home. Because when purchasing a property must be right gut feeling. I live and work in Telgte and supervising the district of Warendorf.

+49 (251) 14981683
Martina Born
Mr. Jürgen TenkhofReal estate agents IHKInsurance specialist IHK

The effort, which an apartment or house sale entails is often underestimated, because the real estate market – whether in Munster, in Coesfeld or elsewhere – is always inferior to fluctuations. A trained and knowledgeable real estate agent who exercises the profession every day, has the advantage over the private seller some advantages, because he has sound knowledge of the market, the necessary equipment and appropriate marketing tools to be able to offer a real estate professional. All this is should a private seller initially cumbersome and time consuming and costly set to obtain similarly good conditions.

It is similar with larger projects, to find the right insurance or financing here is not easy. As an insurance expert, it is also my job to support you in this as possible. I discuss with you all the important financial and insurance aspects like flexibility, security, utilization of state subsidies or additional costs. Since I work independent of any influence of banks, insurance companies or initiators, I can objectively advise my clients and inserting myself fully to your interests. Of course this service is free of charge. I’ll take care!

Qualifications +49 (251) 14982390
Jürgen Tenkhof
Sandra WortmannTrainees Immobilienkauffrau

The professional activities typical of the real estate industry I have always been very interested because I appreciate the diversity of this profession. Communicating with people, the presentation and brokerage of real estate with discretion and loyalty and, above all, the satisfaction of customers is particularly close to heart. I am pleased to be able to complete the team of broker Münster as a trainee in real estate properties. I care!

+49 (251) 14981688
Sandra Wortmann
Mr. Steffen PuheTrainee Immobilienkaufmann

With an internship at broker Münster I got to know the diversity of the profession as a real estate merchant. The sale of a property is only the culmination of a long process. Before you is a photographer, copywriter, authorities goers, layout artist, marketing professional, Guide, negotiators, sales contract purchaser and all that combined with the expertise of a real estate expert. In Mrs Magri and her team, I feel in good hands and look forward to many new challenges and experiences. I care!

+49 (251) 14981687