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Minor damage in the rented apartment
As minor damage is called minor damage in the rented apartment, which can be eliminated with relatively little effort, for example, dripping faucet, broken door lock, a ... View article
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Heat records – if the house is sauna
In recent years, the temperatures summer after summer break new records. Also this year will again sweating indoors and outdoors. While the legislature purports to office ... View article
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Fire in Building – Who is responsible?
The own house or the own flat offers privacy and is used as a safe haven. This should be best protected against potential dangers such as fires. But who is responsible for ... View article
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Parking opposite a plot driveway – So ...
Munster is considered cycling city – but over 83 percent of the adult Münster also have a car because the parking space can sometimes be a challenge. Especially to find ... View article
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Property tax reform
The state is trying to invent an instrument at the expense of citizens, possibly, it seeks to program the regular increase in the property tax (Photo: hrohmann, ... View article
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Change of use at commercial premises
For commercial properties often leads to changes of use or expansions. This is both the tenant changes the case, as well as changes in the activities of existing tenant or ... View article
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ECB leaves key rate at 0.0%
The monetary authorities of the European Union have made it seem in no hurry to bring about a turnaround in interest rates. It is true that today reaffirmed the intention to ... View article
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If the apartment is terminated due to personal ...
The tenancy law in Germany includes the protection of tenants and thus secures many advantages to mainly tenants. They must indicate eg no grounds for termination of an ... View article
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