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Fire in Building - Who is responsible?

The own house or the own flat offers privacy and is used as a safe haven. This should be best protected against potential dangers such as fires. But who is responsible for fire protection in tenements and what it is taken into consideration? The professional association of legal journalists eV clarifies his free advice portal on. – Isabel Frankenberg

What is fire prevention?

The fire referred fundamentally from any measures which are intended to prevent the spread and occurrence of fire. To this end, in addition to the fire-fighting operations also include the rescue of people and animals. Here is divided into two different forms of fire protection: on the one hand in the fire prevention and fire prevention and others in the fire defense, which only occurs during an emergency situation are used.

Since the fire protection is an important issue, may depend on the in case of emergency many lives, there is in this respect some rules and regulations. These include the fire protection laws, building codes of the federal states and the fire laws. These represent an important basis when it comes to fire safety.

The individual fire regulations especially for buildings are also held in the fire protection policy for escape and rescue routes. Furthermore, there are standards, guidelines, technical specifications and data sheets, which act as guidance in a fire.

Fire Prevention

Preventive fire protection covers all measures which serve structurally, technically and organizationally preventing a fire or its propagation. Has the fire still spread out, this should be aimed appropriate containment. Preventive fire protection in turn is also divided into construction, plant engineering and organizational fire protection. Structural fire protection is to protect life, limb, the environment, property and public safety.

Planning Permit of the structural fire protection in the public law of the state building code is controlled and thus serves as an important requirement that must be considered in any construction project and involved. Here are aspects such as the construction, the building materials and construction, but also the location and the number of people who use the building considered. In addition, there are different classes of buildings, which play an important role. So other fire protection measures are defined as for blocks of flats for old and new buildings.

The plant-specific fire protection is concerned again with the presence of unloading facilities or access for emergency services. In organizational fire protection plays as informing the residents, users and staff on what to do in case of fire testing of fire extinguishers and fire alarms as well as the maintenance and control of escape routes a significant role.

What is the role of the fire plays in tenements?

In the tenancy of the fire is used primarily for security and rescue all the residents of the apartment house or apartment for rent so that it is the basis and minimum requirements that must be met. In addition to fire safety regulations for residential buildings, the house rules may contain various measures for fire fighting. This includes instructions and directions about the fire performance. As for the creation of such a fire safety regulations no uniform standards exist, it is the responsibility of municipalities and provinces. Many provisions, however, are prescribed uniform for all provinces. Accordingly, a smoke detector must be installed since 2014 in every room of an apartment building or a rented apartment.

Particularly important in tenements are the regulations on fire safety in stairwells because they serve as the first escape routes in case of fire. While there are no legal requirements that certain items may not be parked in the stairwell or hallway and block the escape route in case of emergency, however, landlords are encouraged to hold them separately in the house rules. To this extent enough space in the affected apartment is available, the landlord of a family can, for example, prohibit the parking of the stroller in the hallway.

Who is responsible for fire protection?

The rule is: There are basically no special fire protection requirements for landlords. However, they are responsible for security in the home and therefore must also ensure the safety of the escape routes and the elimination of fire hazards. In addition, the landlord can set the fire in the general house rules and thus contribute to safety. The duties of the landlord, it also means to control whether the banisters are fixed and the lighting works. This is not the case, this may result in an emergency situation to the fact that the tenant does not find the escape route. The attachment of the smoke detectors and fire extinguishers is subject to the responsibilities of the landlord.