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Barrierefreies Wohnen

Barrier free living

According to a survey of Realty World AG, the operator of one of Germany’s largest real estate portals, plan two thirds of respondents to move in old age, because they consider their own property not sustainable. However, this decision involves a conflict of interest for many.

On the one hand there is a reduced space requirement, after the children have moved out, a house with insurmountable stairs, not senior special bathroom close or narrow doors and a thousand other little problems that you now may not even have noticed. On the other hand the social environment, the neighborhood in which you have lived under circumstances decades and the emotional attachment to the home stand. A property that is not accessible at the moment, but must remain not necessarily so.

The consideration is whether a carer in their own home out of the question, can assist in the decision.

The following checklist is intended to assist in the consideration of your future living situation.

Currently, the demand for barrier-free living space is much greater than the supply. Therefore it should be considered whether one’s own property has potential for a conversion before embarks on the difficult search for an accessible object. For private sellers who can not realize their price expectations in the market, a Realty Accessible analysis makes sense. A sophisticated conversion concept increases the attractiveness of the sales object and speaks to a much larger audience.

However, we advise you not only to all the structural issues surrounding the accessibility, but also to the diverse funding opportunities that make such a conversion without large internal stress realized.

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Tips and information on the subject of accessibility: