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More money in old age

Million pensioners, despite existing real estate property short of money.

For decades worked to be supplied in the retirement age, and when the time has come, you have to realize that the money is still scarce.

Actually, property owners “filthy rich”. The capital, however, is tied up in the property. By a real estate retirement tied up in the property fund will be activated and used to pay the owners a (lifelong) Additional pension: a real estate pension.

There are a variety of ways to use a real estate pension, but only a few are known. The six classic annuity types:

  • Annuity (body or temporary annuity)
  • cooperative pension
  • Foundation pension
  • pension mortgage
  • reverse mortgage
  • Hedged direct pension

Our services:

  • Calculation of real estate pensions of any kind
  • Development of a customized version
  • Contract Service (draft contract)
  • Notary Service (templates for your notary)

Have we piqued your interest? Then you can obtain comprehensive information about the property pension and advise you. If you have questions you would use our . We will call you back.

Below we have you summarized the benefits of retirement succinctly. Note also quite convenient to find pension calculator that helps you a first overview.

More money in old age!

From the retirement capital of their property has payouts in the form of regular (lifelong) pension. Month for month! Year for year!

Separation of residual mortgage!

Rest mortgages are replaced or offset against the pension payments. This will save you the monthly interest and principal payments to your bank.

Analyzing your options!

A retirement is always analyzing the owner wishes advance and is possible in the form of a cooperative pension, endowment pension, annuity, pension or time of a reverse mortgage.

No move! No change!

You can continue to live in your familiar surroundings as long as you can and want. In the land register a lifelong right of residence is entered in your favor.

No work with management / rental!

In rented units do this, get a fixed monthly fee, regardless of whether the apartments are rented or not. Also, any administrative burden is eliminated.

Maximum Security!

Your wishes and demands are becoming a notary secured for example by appropriate entries in the land registry and relapse / value assurance clauses.

What retirement potential has your property? What were your expected payouts?

We are happy to review the options and determine your individual property pension. Simply press the following link “Now let property pension charge Free”. then as a thank you for your interest, please e-mail the report “The four classic versions of the real estate retirement”

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