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Multigenerational homes

They are fit and active and are living life. Maybe even one or the other niggles reports, but otherwise you master your everyday life alone. You have already achieved a well-deserved retirement, but actually they want to still put your knowledge or talent available and live alone, you do not want before?

With an aging society and the period of life after retirement is growing. Above all, it enables us to achievements of medicine to live longer active and self-determined. Therefore, intergenerational residential communities, also called multi-generational housing, an advanced form of housing that offers many advantages for all ages.

Among the individual roommates or living parties arrangements can be made, distributed, for example, tasks within the residential communities the skills accordingly. So can save the child care for younger couples, while the younger physically demanding work can take as seniors. No matter how tasks and areas are distributed, anyone can use his own talents and benefit from the skills of the other.

Let either advise on the establishment of such a community or to inform you that already have such forms of living in your area from us.

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Read an article by former Mayor of Bremen, Henning Scherf, who is a proponent of multi-generational house since the 80s.